Tesla’s Shanghai Super plant resumes production and delivery of 3,000 domestic Models in 3 weeks

Tesla’s Shanghai Super plant has resumed delivery of its home-made Model 3 after it temporarily halted production and delivery due to the impact of the outbreak. A foreign netizen posted a photo of a Tesla-made Model 3 being loaded into a vehicle transporter on his social platform. These Model 3s will be shipped to the distribution center and then delivered to the domestic customers who have already booked it.

Tesla's Shanghai Super plant resumes production and delivery of 3,000 domestic Models in 3 weeks

Meanwhile, Tesla’s domestic Model 3 in Shanghai is currently producing up to 3,000 vehicles a week, according to a report released by Tesla. Since Tesla produces orders, these capacity depends on the demand of domestic consumers.

Predictably, from the current domestic Model 3 weekly production of 3000 vehicles, Model 3 monthly sales are also expected to exceed 10,000 vehicles. In the domestic electric car market, the pure electric vehicle type can achieve such results, but also from the side shows that Tesla’s strong product strength and market competitiveness.

Previously, the outbreak, on the advice of Tesla China executive Tao Lin, stopped delivering and producing Model 3 son in China. Until February 10, Tesla’s Shanghai super plant used buses to pick up production staff and resume production. At the same time, LG Chem, its battery supplier, has resumed operations.

In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously said that only the Model 3 and Mode Y versions of the Model 3 and Mode Are available at the Shanghai Super plant in China. For now, Musk seems to have changed his mind.

There is only one version of the domestic Tesla Model 3 currently on sale, the standard end-of-life upgrade, and the NEDC’s comprehensive range is 445km.

On February 12, we obtained a new version of the domestic Tesla Model 3 declaration from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Information shows that the car’s motor power reached 202Kw, the top speed of 225Km/h, these core data are consistent with the imported Model 3 long-range rear drive version.

From this can be judged that Tesla will also be home to the Model 3 long-range after-drive version of the model, I believe that the arrival of new cars, can better meet the domestic consumer demand for more cars.