Musk: I run 15-20 minutes a day, the only time I watch TV.

On November 7, according to foreign media reports, Elon Musk said in a live interview on Tuesday local time that he does not conduct market research and does not watch the news every day. He also told a group of space entrepreneurs that if they could build better rocket components than SpaceX, “we’d be happy to buy them.” He noted that SpaceX had built its own landing bracket for the Falcon 9 rocket, but now buys it from all American Racers, the racing manufacturer. “We want more outsourcing,” he added. ”

马斯克:我每天会跑15-20分钟 是唯一看电视的时间

In a live interview with the U.S. Air Force Space Space Day on Tuesday, Musk talked about how he entered new markets, stressing that he doesn’t do market research; he likes Twitter but doesn’t watch the daily news. Musk also mentioned his TV viewing habits. The U.S. Air Force Space Day is organized by the U.S. Air Force in partnership with Starburst Aerospace, a space startup accelerator and consulting firm, and more than 75 space start-ups have been invited to sell their products to more than 100 venture capitalists, and some companies are selling their products directly to the U.S. Air Force.

More investors are targeting commercial space companies. So far, more than $5 billion in venture capital has been invested in space start-ups in 2019, according to space companies Space Angels. Wall Street firms predict that the entire space market could more than triple in size over the next 20 years to more than $1 trillion.

In addition to marketing to vCs, 30 start-ups have the opportunity to sell government contracts directly to the Air Force, focusing on applications in areas such as spatial situational awareness, spatial communications, and data mining. The U.S. Air Force can award contracts of up to $750,000 on the spot, totalling up to $50 million.

SpaceX has been working with the U.S. Air Force. Its Falcon 9 rocket was certified by the U.S. Air Force in 2015 and has launched several satellites for the Air Force. In the meeting with Lieutenant General John F. Kennedy, In this interview with John F. Thompson, Musk answered questions about building the market and leading the space company.

When it comes to the entire space industry, Musk insists that there is only one real problem to solve: to build a “full, fast, reusable orbital rocket.” In Musk’s view, even if some parts are reusable, rockets are still largely expendable today, the biggest obstacle facing the industry and the reason for the high cost of getting into space. He points out that people always find one-off aircraft ridiculous, “but that’s how rockets work.” “

Musk also shared how he decided to enter a new industry. “I never do any market research,” Musk said. “If you don’t like the product, don’t expect others to like it. “

Musk said he was also working to ensure that employees didn’t get lost. “Everyone should be the chief engineer,” he said. “Even if they are deeply involved in their area of expertise, everyone should at least have a rough idea of the rocket or car as a whole. Musk says this is to make sure that a person’s job is optimized for the product as a whole, not for a specific aspect of the product.

When asked how to find a balance between work and life, Musk seemed a little angry, saying he was interested in maximizing efficiency, only taking occasional breaks because the occasional break meant he could do more. Musk says that to keep his body agile, he usually does just a few more weight lifts and runs 15 to 20 minutes a day on a treadmill. He said it was the only time he watched TV. His most recent look was the movie “The Big Basket in the Sky.”

However, putting his job first can cost him. As chief executive of Electric Vehicles, Musk is seen as a fickle leader, with frequent departures from executives. Tesla also faces lawsuits from former employees alleging racist behavior in the workplace and retaliating against whistleblowers. The company denies the allegations made in the lawsuit.

Musk tries to focus his reading on tech journals, deliberately avoiding the news. “I find a lot of noise in the news every day, ” he says. “Generally, newspapers seem to try to answer the question, ‘What’s the worst thing that’s going on on earth today?’ But Musk also confirmed his love of social media. “I find Twitter sometimes enlightening. “

Earlier this year, Musk’s frequent Twitter posts about Tesla sparked a high-profile legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Eventually the two sides reached a settlement that imposed strict rules on Musk’s use of Twitter.

However, as questions about business advice continued to arise, Musk became cautious at one point, “and frankly, I don’t want to think of myself as an expert on leadership.” We did well, but in my opinion we made a lot of mistakes.

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