TV Time counts the latest top 10 hit US dramas: “Friends” still at the top of the list after years

According to foreign media, TV Time has a very popular app that tracks TV shows and how they react to them. The app’s developers use all the anonymous data to identify the most popular programs, and foreign media bgr has found that the app provides fairly accurate results in the past.

TV Time盘点最新十大热门美剧:《老友记》时隔多年仍杀进榜单前列

Last week, the release of the third season of Atypical made it one of the most popular episodes, with 10.93 percent of fans watching it. That’s five times as many as in the show’s second season. According to TV Time, the number of fans on the “Atypical Teen” app soared from 444,000 in the second quarter of last year to 755,000 after its third season was released.

In this week’s TV Time hit list, Netflix has added four more shows, which occupy the last four of the top 10, namely Peaky Blinders, BoJack Horseman and Dawn and Lucifer.

Back at the top of the list, NBC’s “Friends” still tops the list after all these years, coming in second place after “Atypical Junior.” Amazon’s new play, “Jack Ryan,” came in third, followed by ABC’s “The Intern Grey,” CW’s “Valley Town” and ABC’s “The Ungeter.”

It’s worth noting that five of this week’s top 10 TV series have a new season premiere.

TV Time盘点最新十大热门美剧:《老友记》时隔多年仍杀进榜单前列

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