Under the outbreak, can Chinese medicine prove itself again?

Zhong Nanshan team issued a prescription for the prevention of fresh crown pneumonia herbal tea, pneumonia party 1 within 3 days by the Guangdong Drug Administration clinical application research emergency approval, 4 pilot provinces using clear lung detox soup to treat confirmed cases, the total efficiency of more than 90% … Since February, health departments at all levels have asked to ensure that patients use Chinese medicine for the first time. Will the “war epidemic” of new crown pneumonia become an opportunity for Chinese medicine to prove itself again?

Zhang Boli, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering who has just led the medical team into the Dahuashan Square Cabin Hospital in Wuhan’s Jiangxia District, said in an interview with The China Science Daily that the treatment of Chinese medicine in Wuhan’s hospitals, quarantine areas and square cabin hospitals has achieved good results.

“However, I have mentioned many times that traditional Chinese medicine is a cure, which is intended to regulate the body’s immune state, not to target the virus itself. Although some Chinese medicine has been proved to have antiviral efficacy through in vitro experiments, there is still a lack of clinical evaluation of the evidence, should speed up in-depth research, especially clinical evidence-based evaluation. “

Under the outbreak, can Chinese medicine prove itself again?张伯礼(左一)在武汉中医院检查重症病人 (图片由受访者提供)

China Science Daily: Wuhan City requires all hospital patients with new coronapneumonia to take Chinese medicine, is that right? How is it working?

Zhang Boli:

At present, most of the patients with Wuhan’s new coronary pneumonia are receiving standardized support from Western medicine and treatment for the disease. About 30 percent of patients in the previous period used a combination of Western and Western treatments, down from 85 percent nationwide.

Recently, Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Command Medical Treatment Group issued “on the new coronary virus infection in the treatment of pneumonia Chinese medicine recommended the use of Chinese medicine agreement party notice”, requiring in the hospital confirmed and suspected patients with mild and common patients are taken Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine not only plays an important role in some hospitals and isolation areas, square cabin hospitals, the breadth and depth of participation are unprecedented, at the same time, in various districts of Wuhan concentrated isolation points of fever patients and home isolation needs are also taken Chinese medicine. Kyushu Tong, Tianji and other pharmaceutical companies timely provide good fried liquid and traditional Chinese medicine.

From the current feedback, taking Chinese medicine has achieved better results, the overall feeling of patients experienced an improvement in symptoms.

Wuhan two Chinese medicine fixed-point hospitals have adopted the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, and achieved good results, symptoms improved significantly, patients recover and become seriously ill ratio is significantly better than those who do not use Chinese medicine. So far, more than 100 patients have been cured and discharged from the hospital.

The method of combining Chinese and Western medicine has achieved initial results and has gradually become a universal rule.

Twenty-four provinces and regions in the country have issued their own plans for the prevention and treatment of Chinese medicine, so far, in addition to Hubei Province, other provinces and cities of Chinese medicine and China and the West combined to treat more than 10,000 patients, accounting for more than 80% of the confirmed patients, more than 1,000 patients have been cured and discharged from the hospital.

China Science Daily: What kind of diseases do Chinese medicine concern scare patients with new coronary pneumonia and what kind of treatment plan? What are the differences in treatment priorities for different stages of the course?

Zhang Boli:

The new coronary pneumonia according to the etiology symptoms and disease analysis, it seems that Chinese medicine literature records also less wet epidemic. The main elements of the evidence are wet, hot, toxic, anti-gas and gas, the characteristics of wet evil disease is obvious.

Because the climate in central China is humid, this year Wuhan is a warm winter festival, coupled with the end of the year and encountered a longer cold and wet weather triggered, forming a wet virus gas-causing external conditions.

From the typical symptoms of patients with new coronary pneumonia, the early stage is fever, dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms, as well as poor appetite, nausea, diarrhea, etc. , the tongue is more common moss.

From the course of the disease also showed wet evil heavy turbidity, the characteristics of the disease, most of the disease is slow, long incubation period, mild symptoms; In particular, the repair of immune function and tissue damage in some patients with severe illness takes a long time.

Traditional Chinese medicine can play a role in the whole course of disease, early treatment to spread the lung evil, aromatic turbid, flat wheezing sputum, throughthe onthe diarrhea fever and other treatment, significantly improve the main symptoms, flat fever, not repeated, coughing sputum flat wheezing, improve digestive function, play a role in preventing the depth of disease, not to the development of serious illness.

If the critical period, the use of hot sputum leakage, can reduce lung leakage, improve oxygen level, stabilize blood oxygen saturation, reduce the intensity of hormone and antibiotic use;

Critical illness can be supplemented by some clean-hearted, beneficial gas solidification, cold blood-fed prescriptions to save the lives of patients on the basis of the standard treatment of Western medicine.

Special attention should be paid to the recovery period of treatment, although the virus nucleic acid test has turned negative, but fatigue, cough, poor mental state and other symptoms still exist, there is residual inflammation of the lungs, at this time should continue to take the beneficial gas, activated blood, the chinese medicine of the spread, improve the patient’s condition, It also promotes the function of the immune system and the complete repair of damaged organ tissue.

China Science Daily: During SARS, what experience have we accumulated in the treatment of Chinese medicine, and how can we learn from this outbreak response?

Zhang Boli:

In SARS in 2003, Chinese medicine played an important role, and our experience is in shortening the average fever time, improving systemic poisoning symptoms, promoting lung inflammation absorption, improving immune function, reducing hormone use, and reducing side effects.

This time we have learned the experience and lessons of fighting SARS that year. For example, in the use of hormones, SARS is a hasty battle, is a kind of battle, and this time to prepare, so in the use of hormones more cautious.

But we stress that hormones should also be used, hormones to control the inflammatory response, reduce lung leakage is effective.

The last SARS Chinese medicine is the second half of the intervention, and this time the health administrative departments at all levels more emphasis on the role of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine from the past participants to the present and Western medicine side by side to fight a major force.

In the past, Chinese medicine only participated in consultation, and this early formation of intervention, the formation of Chinese medicine area, there are a large number of fixed-point hospitals, management of the cabin hospital, etc. , the use of Chinese and Western combination of methods for treatment, played a better role.

China Science Daily: What are the recommendations for home-segregated patients in their own use of Chinese medicine?

Zhang Boli:

Home isolation patients are relatively mild, taking Traditional Chinese medicine can improve symptoms and promote recovery.

The National Health and Health Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the relevant prevention and control programs, and local programs have been issued in accordance with local conditions, including some national medicine masters, old Chinese medicine, etc. have also launched their own experience. In particular, the National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly recommended the “clean lung detox” widely used.

It can be said that its treatment is basically similar, it should be said that there will be a certain effect. Of course, a regular lifestyle and a positive and open-minded attitude will also promote patient healing.

China Science Daily: In this outbreak, Chinese medicine carried out a number of basic research and clinical observation tests, there are some preliminary results?

Zhang Boli:

At present, a number of basic research and clinical research of Chinese medicine are being carried out.

The first batch of 8 emergency research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology includes clinical research on Chinese medicine and screening and evaluation of Chinese medicine and componentchinese medicine, and many units are actively screening and evaluating some Chinese traditional medicines with antiviral effect.

For example, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a national key laboratory for Chinese medicine, reserves nearly 60,000 copies of Chinese medicine components, is currently through the component library with anti-viral effect of active components screening effective Chinese medicine components, but the drug may take a long time.

This time, Chinese medicine also undertook the national science and technology emergency research project – Chinese and Western medicine combined with the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus infection of pneumonia clinical research, organized eight hospitals in five provinces to carry out related research.

Hubei Province to participate in the research unit also used modern information means, the disease area with mobile phone APP to collect information, transferred to the outside platform for data processing, the current research has been started, is in a tense and orderly process, the preliminary results have been summarized.

China Science Daily: Rao Zi and a team of academicians have previously released 30 drugs that may have a therapeutic effect on new coronary pneumonia, including Chinese herbs such as Da Huang, Tiger Cane, Mountain Bean Roots and Purple Grass.

But at the same time, but also led to the Chinese medicine to suppress the virus, what do you think?

Zhang Boli:

Rao Zi and the academician team found that the active ingredients of the plant medicine, tiger saline and deoxytoine, bind better with the new coronavirus hydrolysis enzyme, may have inhibition effect on the virus, tiger cane, mountain bean root and other Traditional Chinese herbs may contain active ingredients against the new coronavirus, which is very meaningful work.

I hope this work can continue to go further, after all, many new drugs are found in this way.

However, although some Chinese medicine has been proved to have antiviral efficacy through in vitro experiments, but there is still a lack of clinical evaluation of the evidence, should speed up in-depth research, especially clinical evidence-based evaluation.

I have mentioned many times that Chinese medicine has the characteristics of multi-component multi-target, treatment is the disease, the purpose is to regulate the body’s immune state, mobilize their own disease resistance to fight disease, rather than directly against the virus itself.

We have disease, is the virus and human immunity game, the result of the struggle, if the virus wins you have to be sick. Therefore, only to improve their own resistance, it is not easy to be infected, which is also a more active preventive measures.

Of course, some Chinese medicines do have a virus-suppressing effect.

China Science Daily: What role should Chinese medicine play in the prevention and treatment of major infectious diseases, and how to cooperate with Western medicine?

Zhang Boli:

In the fight against new coronary pneumonia, it can be said that Chinese medicine has played an important role in the whole process and all aspects of disease prevention and control.

For example, for ordinary patients can improve symptoms, shorten the course of treatment, promote healing, for seriously ill patients, can reduce lung leakage, control inflammatory overreaction, prevent the deterioration of the disease, for patients with recovery period, can promote the rehabilitation process.

Chinese and Western medicine is two different medical systems, each has its own advantages, should complement each other, make up for each other, and collaborate on each other’ problems. Experience shows that the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment effect is more obvious.

Specifically, Western medicine mainly supports therapy, including respiratory support, circulatory support, nutrition support and other life support, while Chinese medicine plays a role in the treatment of symptoms, improve symptoms, improve the body’s immune function, and control the progression of the disease.

Specific therapies include soups, traditional Chinese medicines and some physiotherapy methods, and Chinese medicine injections are also commonly used in some seriously ill patients.

For ordinary patients, Chinese medicine should play a major role; And the recovery period rehabilitation of Chinese medicine has more advantages.

For the new coronary pneumonia there is no effective drug, but also should play the advantages of the combination of China and the West, to treat more patients, win the fight against the epidemic.