Tesla’s German plant adds resistance to court halts logging at ‘super factory’

A court in the Grandhead region of Brandenburg, Germany, has halted logging in the area, adding to the resistance to Tesla’s plans to build a plant in Germany. The district court granted an emergency motion filed by two environmental groups. Previously, Tesla plans to significantly expand its Freienbrink industrial park in Glenhead, Brandenburg, into Tesla’s “super factory.”

Tesla's German plant adds resistance to court halts logging at 'super factory'

The California electric car maker does not yet have a building permit. But the company, which obtained permission to logging, began cutting down trees on land it intended to use a few months ago.

Deforestation permitwithities without building permits

On Thursday, a small group of loggers entered the forest after approval by Germany’s National Environment Agency began mass logging.

Authorities in Brandenburg, Germany, intend to help Tesla. The German government was also very pleased with the project, and even a few months ago Chief Minister Dietmar Woidke set up a Tesla working group. The goal is to help Tesla get through the German bureaucracy and speed up the process. In fact, the early approval was probably reached with the help of this Tesla team.

But since Tesla began logging in the area, environmental groups began filing a petition in the Frankfurt/Ode administrative court for an immediate halt to the logging.

However, the Green Alliance and another group failed to prevent the felling of trees, and the court rejected the motion. The court said there was no objection to the NATIONAL Environment Agency’s approval because all legal aspects had been considered and the pros and cons were weighed.

After the verdict, environmental groups did not stop. They submitted a new motion to the High Administrative Court of Brandenburg in Berlin, arguing that the “ambush-style” logging had a negative impact on the environment.

In addition, Tesla is trying to accomplish some facts that cannot be reversed in hindsight.

On Saturday, the Supreme Administrative Court approved the motion, meaning that logging at Tesla’s “super factory” was temporarily suspended.

The latest ruling is valid until the Green Alliance makes a decision on Tesla’s “super factory” and a public motion to cut down.

Threats to Wildlife and Opportunities in Brandenburg

Environmentalists say Tesla’s plans pose a threat to Freienbrink’s wildlife, and the environmental impact of the “superfactory” project has not even been determined. There have been several protests against the project in Glenhead in the past few months.

On the other hand, many in the Brandenburg government, including Chief Minister Waldke and Glenhead Mayor Arne Christian, support Tesla. They see great opportunities in this region and in the country because it will create jobs and because of the additional revenue they expect.

Tesla plans to produce 150,000 cars a year in Brandenburg starting in July 2021, and that number will gradually increase to 500,000 a year. (Sina Mei stock Link)