Philips unveils 24-inch smart TV that can be placed in kitchen for $249.99

In recent years, the screen area of smart TV has become more and more large. Philips, however, did the opposite by launching a small 24-inch smart TV that costs $299.99 (2100 RMB). In fact, this product is designed for kitchen use, pre-installed with Android TV, Google Assistant Smart Assistant, and dual-field microphone snare for user-friendly voice communication with AI Assistant.

飞利浦推出可放在厨房的24英寸小型智能电视 售249.99美元

(Image via Slash Gear)

The TV also comes with a large base to accommodate larger speakers. Philips says it uses “hd display technology,” but we suspect it could have a resolution as low as 720p.

Embarrassingly, although it comes with two HDMI input terminals, if you really want to put it in the kitchen, you don’t have many devices to connect to it.

Even so, Philips hopes the product will replace the smartphones or tablets that people use every day in kitchens, garages and more.

The TV is currently available in the U.S. and Canada for $299.99 (about 2100 RMB) – almost a cost-effective 55-inch, 4K Ultra HD TV.

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