Abuser’s violent test of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip questions its ultra-thin ‘glass’

YouTube channel Jerry RigEverything has launched a new round of testing for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip,media MSPoweruser reported. Jerry RigEverything doesn’t expect the device to stand the test, but what’s surprising is how easy it is to scratch the phone’s ultra-thin glass, even with his fingernails.

Abuser's violent test of Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip questions its ultra-thin 'glass'

In addition, in the case of fire-burning tests, the Galaxy Z Flip screen is yellowed when burned directly with a lighter, but it still works.

It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip does have a protective polymer layer on top of its UTG, but it is clear that the combination of UTG-polymer does not provide significant scratch-proof or puncture protection.

The violence test video is as follows:

Surprisingly, they concluded that it was “the most durable phone they’ve ever seen” and said:

“Overall, I was impressed by the Galaxy Z Flip. If they change the name of the screen material to a name other than glass, then the collapsible phone is available and I’ll give it a 10/10. The only physical feature that this screen material has in common with actual glass is clarity. And I don’t think it’s fair to consumers. “

In a statement to The Verge, Samsung confirmed that it would provide free replacement of the built-in screen protector, which would cost only $119. They wrote:

As part of Premier Service, we will provide a free screen saver app for Z Flip at the selected UBIF (U Break I Fix), Samsung Store or via email to Samsung Premier Service. The company added. “Screen protectors will be aligned and applied by professionals using the appropriate devices. The project is coming soon. “