Tesla’s German superfactory construction styuns: Court halts logging

At the request of environmentalists, a German court on Sunday ordered Tesla to immediately halt its woodland clean-up activities near Berlin. The event was held to build Tesla’s first European superfactory. The U.S. electric car maker announced in November that it would build a super factory in Glenhead, in the eastern state of Brandenburg.

Tesla's German superfactory construction styuns: Court halts logging

The decision by the High Administrative Court of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg came after the state’s environmental office gave the green light to Tesla’s 92-hectare forest to build a plant.

However, plans to build the plant have not yet been approved, meaning Tesla’s deforestation, which is run by Elon Musk, is a risky move.

The court said in a statement that it had issued an order to stop cutting down trees, which would take just three more days to complete.

Without the order, the logging will be completed long before a judge makes a final ruling on environmental action against a local environmental group. “Environmental groups should not be denied a successful chance of success in litigation,” the court statement said. “

MPs from the pro-business Christian Democrats and The Free Democrats have warned that a legal battle over super factories will cause serious and lasting damage to Germany’s business image.

German lawmakers were drawn to opponents of the superfactory, with hundreds of demonstrators protesting the threat it posed to local wildlife and water supplies. Tesla currently has two super factories in the U.S. and one in Shanghai, China.

Tesla’s shares have soared 340 percent since early June as more investors bet on Musk.