” Midway ” rotten tomatoes only 35%, M average of 50

“Midway ” will be released in North America and China on November 8, today (November 7), ” Midway ” media ratings are released, rotten tomato freshness is only 35%, 13 fresh 24 rotten, iMDb hit 6.2 points, M station average score is only 50 points.

《决战中途岛》媒体分解禁 烂番茄仅35% M站均分50

Rotten Tomatoes 13 fresh 24 bad evaluation, the media’s evaluation is very sharp, the New York Times said: the film’s critical moment of the presentation is exciting, awe-inspiring, but the other parts are really funny. The San Francisco Chronicle: With director Roland Garros, Emmerich is getting lost in the weeds, and the film loses its vitality. IndieWire: It’s so boring that it’s okay to sell DVDs on Wal-Mart shelves, and it’s “good” to rely on counting torpedoes in movies to present the decisive world war.

iMDb 6.2

《决战中途岛》媒体分解禁 烂番茄仅35% M站均分50

M station average 50

《决战中途岛》媒体分解禁 烂番茄仅35% M站均分50

“Midway ” preview:

The “Midway” film repeats the Midway Battle of Midway at the turning point of the Pacific War in World War II in 1942. Before the battle, the United States successfully deciphered the Japanese code to understand the intention of the Japanese army to occupy Midway Island and encircle the American fleet. In this battle, the U.S. military won a decisive victory in sinking four japanese aircraft carriers and one cruiser at the expense of the usaircraft carrier USS Yorktown. The Midway Island Sea War thwarted Japan’s offensive in the Central Pacific, reversing the defeat of the Allies since Pearl Harbor, and was a key turning point in the entire Pacific war.

“Midway” will be released in China on November 8, starring Woody Harrison, Luke Evans, Mandy Moore, Patrick Wilson, Ed Skrein, Alan Eckhardt, Asano, Dennis Quaid, Nick Jonas, and more. Roland Emmerich, the director of the film 2012.

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