Join with Virginia ,Apple to Open IPhone Health Record Access to Veterans

Apple recently announced a new partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to make it easier for veterans and millions of health care workers to keep and view their full health records on their iPhones. Starting Wednesday, Apple’s health app began showing veterans’ health records, meaning that 9 million veterans in Virginia were able to see information about their medications, immunizations, test results, and more, the press release said.

携手弗吉尼亚州 苹果向退伍军人开放iPhone健康记录访问

(From Apple, via Cnet)

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said: Getting veterans to better understand their health is a great opportunity for Apple to thank the group for its service.

Through this partnership with Virginia, Apple can provide a health record at its fingertips on the iPhone, giving veterans more peace of mind.

To access this information, open the Health app on your iPhone, enter your account, and select Health Records.

Data can be encrypted with the user’s iPhone password, TouchID, or FaceID. Once logged in, physicians will be able to view synchronized VA information.

In fact, as early as February this year, Apple announced a partnership with the VA. In 2018, the company also partnered with more than 500 hospitals and clinics to provide access to medical information via iPhone.

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