Apple releases four new white papers detailing iOS device privacy features

Beijing time on the morning of November 7, according to foreign media reports, in terms of privacy protection, Apple is not just vaguely as a feature of the product to sell. The company has launched a dedicated website for its product privacy features:, which explains in detail how Apple’s device privacy featureworks.

Apple updated the site again today for the fourth year in a row. This update focuses on new benefits for iOS 13, iPad OS 13 and watchOS 6.

This year’s update not only explains how the new system protects users’ personal data, but Apple has released a four-point white paper that explores several privacy features for location services, photos, Safari and the new Sing in With Apple.

“Privacy is a fundamental human right”. This belief has long been Apple’s guiding principle in designing privacy features in its products, and it remains the first word to appear on the latest updated privacy website.

On this website, users can find web browsing using Safari, using maps to navigate, protect personal data in photos, secure communications using Messages, using Siri securely, using Apple News anonymously, and using Apple Pay to protect consumer data. A summary of how the device protects user data.

苹果新发布四份白皮书 详述iOS设备隐私功能

Here are some examples of Apple’s privacy features:

Safari prevents advertisers from tracking you online

Map data is not associated with apple ID and is not used to identify the user’s travel patterns

Photo app the calculation process used to identify faces and locations is done locally on the device

The smart recommendation features used by messaging apps come from the device local

Apple News’s content reading is associated with a random identifier, not the user’s Apple ID

Health data is encrypted with a password, Face ID, or Touch ID

The site is also a great resource for recommending to friends and family, especially those who want to learn how to maximize privacy. The site also includes some useful advice, such as how to avoid phishing and other ways to steal your data.

Starting today, users can read the latest privacy websites and all the newly released white papers.

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