Poor prognosis for cancer patients infected with the new coronavirus

On February 14, the team of He Jianhang of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University published an opinion piece on the clinical characteristics of cancer patients infected with the new coronavirus in China in The Lancet-Oncology. The paper notes that cancer patients are more susceptible to infection than people who do not have cancer because malignant tumors and anticancer treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery put them in an immunosuppressed state. As a result, cancer patients may have a higher risk of new coronary pneumonia and a poorer prognosis.

Poor prognosis for cancer patients infected with the new coronavirus

The study collected and analyzed 2007 cases in 575 hospitals in 31 provinces and municipalities. All provincial and municipal cases were laboratory-diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia and hospitalized. The team excluded 417 patients who lacked a history record. Of the 1590 new coronary pneumonia patients enrolled in the group, 18 had a history of cancer, with lung cancer being the most common, with 5 cases.

Of the 18 patients with new cancer coronary pneumonia, 4 received chemotherapy or surgery in the past month, 12 were cancer survivors who were routinely followed after a phase-iprior excision, and two were not known for treatment.

For stable cancers, the researchers suggest, delayed chemotherapy or elective surgery in affected areas, strengthenpersonal protection for cancer patients and cancer survivors, and strengthen surveillance or treatment when cancer patients become infected with new coronaviruses, especially elderly or other combined patients. (Li Yuzhuang)

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