Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 premiere camera: CodeChamp released by July

According to a tweet released today by domestic digital blogger @i Ice Universe, the real Galaxy Fold successor, codenamed “Champ”, will be the first to use off-screen camera technology, to be released by July at the latest. Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, which is produced primarily at its vietnamese plant, all of Champ’s production takes place at the Kibei Turtle Tail plant in South Korea at an expected price in line with Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 premiere camera: CodeChamp released by July

In October, it was reported that Samsung’s plant in Tongshan, South Korea, had received its first HIAA2 device, one of the key devices for the production of the Under Display Camera technology OLED panel. It drills holes in the front camera in the frame of the OLED panel, allowing the camera to recognize optical signals without affecting the normal display of the screen.

It’s also difficult to produce too many panels using Samsung UDC technology. That may be why Samsung chose to implement the feature on the Galaxy Fold 2, which may be available in limited quantities like the one-generation Fold, rather than a mass-production model like the Galaxy S11.

In addition, according to Elec, the Galaxy Fold 2 will use under-screen camera (UDC) technology, using laser technology called the Active Area (HIAA) to place the camera under a so-called transparent display. Samsung will apparently begin mass production of UDC panels early next year.

Placing the camera under the display of a smartphone requires not only innovation in the display process, but also software innovation in the camera. Polyimide is a material used for collapsible displays on Galaxy Fold, which adds a yellow tone to the image received by the camera when it is located below the screen, and the image blurs as it passes through the screen. Although transparent substrates can bypass the first problem, new software algorithms are needed to solve the second problem.