NASA plans to send a batch of wine to the International Space Station, but astronauts can only see and not drink.

Astronauts on the International Space Station, the daily working life is more boring. So in addition to scientific experiments, there are usually some special entertainment items. The good news is that NASA will send a dozen wines to the International Space Station in the near days. The bad news is that it’s for a special scientific experiment, and astronauts can only watch and drink. In fact, ingesting liquid sits on the space station is inherently risky. Therefore, the main purpose of this task is to determine the impact of the space environment on the tibetan wine process.

NASA计划向国际空间站送去一批葡萄酒 可惜宇航员只能看不能喝

(Photo from: NASA, via BGR)

The researchers hope to see how wines are affected by microgravity and radiation, and see if delicate processes bring different flavors as they age.

Upon returning to Earth, the researchers compared it to the same batch of wine that was not on the day. If all goes well, it promises to produce a brand new wine with a unique flavor.

It is reported that this dozen wine will be stationed on the International Space Station for about a year before returning to Earth. To control the variables, NASA needs to keep space samples in containers at 18 degrees C, which is the best storage temperature for vintage wines.

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