U.S. Golden Bachelor Creates Dating Site For $25,000 to Find True Love

According tomedia reports, a golden single man in the United States tired of getting to know the object from the dating APP, and friends spent 6 months to create their own personal dating site, open in the network to solicit friends, but also reward up to 25,000 until the recommendation of up to 25,000 U.S. dollars, hoping to find a life partner through introduction.

U.S. Golden Bachelor Creates Dating Site For $25,000 to Find True Love

Jeff Gebhart, a 47-year-old American entrepreneur who is still unmarried, is reportedly not married and has been discussing with friends, and has found that he has wasted too much time using dating apps and is tired of getting to know people from dating apps, so he and his friends have a sudden idea and spent six months setting up a personal dating site. DateJeffG” .

In addition to a two-minute self-introduction video, the site also details Gerbhart’s love history, interests, personality, the pursuit of the future, friends of Gebhardt’s evaluation, etc. , hoping to find a fun, easy to get along, self-confidence, have a common interest and life full of enthusiasm for the soul mate.

If you want to refer to him, the referrer must state the reason for the recommendation on the website, and if successfully paired, the referrer will receive a referral of $25,000. In addition, Gerbhart also asked professionals for their own tailor-made a set of personality match analysis test, to provide Mao self-referral single woman to fill in, even if “self-referral single woman will not get any pay”, there are still nearly 60% of single women Mao self-referral.

To ensure that the referrer is not introduced for money, Gerbhart said, the recommendation money will be sent in batches within five years to the referrer. He also promised to donate an additional $25,000 to an animal shelter if the bill goes well.

In the face of public doubts about how much he is spending to introduce his girlfriend, Gerbhart believes that “if it pays off, it could be the highest value ever.”