Free Software Foundation Mails Empty Hard Drive Hope Microsoft Contributes Windows 7 Source Code

The Windows 7 operating system, which was officially released in 2009, ended its public support on January 14, 2020. Even so, the FSF is ready for the next step. To take over the Windows 7 source code, the organization mailed an empty hard drive to Microsoft last week. It is not clear how the software giant will respond.

Free Software Foundation Mails Empty Hard Drive Hope Microsoft Contributes Windows 7 Source Code

(Image via Softpedia)

According to the Free Software Foundation:

Microsoft has the option of providing Windows free of charge, after all, it already has all the necessary legal rights and related means, the choice is still in the hands of the software giant – just a greeting from Microsoft, we stand ready to provide it with whatever help we can.

While Microsoft is unlikely to open up the source code for Windows 7, the Free Software Foundation says the proposal to hand over the keys to the operating system to the open source community has received a warm response.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve sent a message to them — thousands of people around the world want Windows open source — and we’re going to give it the right media and support.

Previously, Microsoft had said that the open source world had become particularly important to it. So even if the company didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, the Free Software Foundation was quite active in preparing the company for the steps.

We want Microsoft to show exactly what it says in its marketing about ‘open source’ software. If that is the case, we would like to provide them with practical help to give them the opportunity to show this to the world.

Clearly, the Free Software Foundation wants Microsoft to go beyond marketing, but to use the reputation of the open source community to turn to indifference.

But as it stands, the company is still providing extended hormones and support to paying businesses, even though public support for Windows 7 is over. As for what will happen in three years’ time, let’s wait and see.