Foreign media: Tesla may have quietly acquired SilLion, a lithium-ion battery maker

February 17 (UPI) — Recent observations by activists in the Tesla community suggest that electric car maker Tesla may have quietly acquired lithium-ion battery start-up SilLion, according tomedia reports. Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, SilLion is a small company that specializes in developing high-load silicon anode and electrode technology for commercial cylindrical batteries.

Media: Tesla may have quietly acquired SilLion, a lithium-ion battery maker

Tesla happens to be one of the few automakers to use cylindrical batteries.

SilLion has made technological breakthroughs in high-energy batteries by simultaneously using high-load silicon anodes, nickel-rich NMC cathodes, and non-flammable ionic liquid electrolytes, resulting in higher energy density, safer and lower production costs.

Some of the company’s employees, such as research scientist Simon Hafner, list Tesla as an employer on the LinkedIn page; the company’s co-founders Daniela Molina Piper and Tyler Evans Evans) also expressed interest in Tesla on social platforms.

These allow speculation that Tesla may have acquired (or hired) SilLion. It remains to be seen whether Tesla has actually acquired SilLion.

Tesla’s lead in the electric car industry depends largely on its batteries or, more specifically, on the chemical composition of its batteries. In the past few years, the company has become the world’s largest consumer of lithium-ion batteries.

Tesla, which has expressed interest in developing and producing its own batteries, has been filing new battery patents and is taking action to make its own batteries.

In late June, people familiar with the matter said the company was developing its own batteries in the lab in an effort to reduce its reliance on Panasonic. Late last year, Tesla’s job advertisement suggested it might produce its own batteries at its Gigafactory 4 in Berlin, Germany.