Tesla unveils paid upgrade pack 2000 to unlock Model 3 rear seat heating

Recently, we learned frommedia, Tesla for the United States Model 3 long-range after-drive version and long-range after-drive upgrade car owners to pay to upgrade the rear seat heating service, the price of the service is 300 U.S. dollars (about 2096 yuan). It is reported that if the Model 3 owner wants to unlock the rear seat heating, it can be achieved simply by operating in the Tesla App.

Tesla unveils paid upgrade pack 2000 to unlock Model 3 rear seat heating

The main page selects the service option, then selects the seat heating option in the upgrade menu and pays a $300 upgrade fee, after which Tesla pushes the new locomotive system for the model struck by the user, which can unlock the rear seat heating.

According to the domestic consumer’s car purchase habits and awareness, car manufacturers will be different configuration smodels, the new car installed different hardware and software equipment, so as to create different price points of different configuration scars.

However, Tesla, as one of the representative car companies of the emerging smart car, is also different from the traditional car companies in its car-building strategy. Tesla’s Model 3 model, in terms of vehicle hardware configuration, the standard range model is the same as the long-range version of the model, but the software allows users to use high-matching features.

For example, on the Model 3 model, the standard version of the battery and long-range version of the model, the front and rear are equipped with seat heating function, but on the standard version of the range model 3, the owner through the car control function, can only turn on the front seat heating function, can not use the rear seat heating function. The rear seat heating function can only be used after a paid upgrade.

In fact, Tesla is not the first to use upgrade software to control the vehicle’s functionality. The same is true of Tesla’s AutoPilot feature, which features the cameras, sensors, processors and other hardware required for the Autopilot feature, but users who don’t pay for it still can’t use the Autopilot feature.