homemade giant AirPods with all features

On October 29th, the new AirPods finally came out, this AirPods Pro not only adopted the in-ear design, but also equipped with active noise reduction, functional beyond to many previous generations, but many people after seeing the price has calmed down. A netizen takes  unusua way, in the time  Apple introduced a new noise-cancelling airPods at the same time, the introduction of a homemade giant AirPods, the appearance of the 1:1 magnification of the AirPods, and fully functional, holding in hand like a hairdryer.

国外大神自制巨型AirPods 各项功能齐全

The headset’s maker, Master_Aar17, a user from the Reddit community, says the giant AirPods have the same functionality as regular AirPods, in addition to not being able to cram into human ears. In a video he uploaded, the hairdryer AirPods is playing The Here Comes Sun for the Beatles.

Unfortunately, Master_Aar17 had no plans to bring the headset to market, saying, “I can’t sell it because Apple is going to get angry.” But there are a lot of people who come to me asking for prices. ”

国外大神自制巨型AirPods 各项功能齐全AirPods Pro

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