NVIDIA official hints that RTX new card 7nm ampere graphics frequency to be on 2GHz?

According to NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun at a previous earnings conference, the release of the 7nm ampere GPU at the GTC conference in March should be no running, and the RTX 3000 series can eventually replace 12nm Turing. NVIDIA officials also played today also played a “explosive”, they sent a very blurred graphics card photo, from the picture can be seen RTX graphics card significant “gas stove” radiator style, there is the border color turned yellow.

NVIDIA official hints that RTX new card 7nm ampere graphics frequency to be on 2GHz?

What is this yellow graphics card made by NVIDIA? There’s a lot of speculation, and a reasonable, reliable analysis points to the idea that the graphics card should be a limited edition RTX 20 series, mainly to be customized with the most anticipated game of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077.

But the Cyberpunk 2077 game has been postponed until September, and it’s only february that it’s been around for a limited edition that’s a bit incomprehensible.

Another guess is the 7nm ampere graphics card, after all, it is possible to announce in March, now under the wave of heat propaganda is also reasonable.

In addition, for the 7nm ampere GPU chip, there is also a mention of the graphics card manufacturers are developing a new generation of GPUs special PCB, need to meet the use of high frequencies, and this high frequency can be excluded from GDDR6 memory brought, is the new generation of GPU needs.

From all hints, 7nm ampere new card running the core frequency is higher, to what extent is not known, but the current RTX 2080 Ti graphics card acceleration frequency is only 1635MHz, ampere GPU supported by 7nm process to reach 2GHz frequency is no accident, after all, AMD RX 5700 The XT 50th Anniversary Edition is almost 2GHz.