The “Moon cover Mars” spectacle will be staged throughout North America early Tuesday morning.

Astronomers in North America will have a chance to witness the “Moon cover Mars” spectacle early Tuesday morning, according tomedia CNET. These events occur several times a year, but capturing them depends on the time and place, just like a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse. For observers in much of North and Central America, the February occultation is the only occultation phenomenon that they can observe.

The figures were compiled by The Sky-Telescope and created a list of the exact time when the covered stars of major U.S. cities disappeared or reappeared. West coast cities such as San Francisco and Seattle will only be able to see reproduction.

“For viewers in the Eastern Time Zone, moon cover mars started shortly after sunrise, but you might be able to see Mars disappear after the moon with a telescope or a good binocular,” NASA said in a Stargazing update in February. And people in the mountain time zone will have the best view.