Facebook releases online content regulatory white paper

On February 17th, local time, social networking giant Facebook released a new white paper called “Charting a Way Forward: Online Content Regulation,” according tomedia. The aim is to establish guidelines on how to regulate online content and what factors need to be considered.

Facebook releases online content regulatory white paper

While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called for regulation of the Internet last year, the newly released document provides more specific guidelines on how to do so.

The 22-page report is based on four key challenges: first, different legal environments and norms of speech around the world; That is, the company is only an intermediary, not a spokesman, and should not be punished for the content posted on its platform.

In the paper, the paper focuses on four issues that Facebook believes underpin splattered the online content regulatory debate:

How can content regulation best serve to protect freedom of expression while reducing harmful speech?

How should regulation enhance the accountability of Internet platforms?

Should regulation require Internet companies to meet certain compliance targets?

Should regulators specify which “harmful content” should be banned on Internet platforms?

Either question Facebook has raised potential legal requirements or incentives to promote a healthy online environment. The company then developed principles to help establish a set of future-oriented regulations, including encouraging companies to regulate their platforms accordingly, the global nature of the Internet, freedom of expression, and so on.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook’s guidelines will ultimately have a significant impact on global regulation.