Chrome saves password copy to Windows 10 clipboard

In browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, users must click the Eye icon next to their password to display and copy the password. Although this feature works well, it is still lacking in privacy protection, and it is impossible to avoid anyone else peering into the password. The good news is that the tech giant is developing a new feature that allows you to copy saved passwords to the clipboard on Windows 10.

Chrome saves password copy to Windows 10 clipboard

(Instagram via Windows Latest)

This feature allows users to copy passwords and paste them elsewhere without being seen by others. In the password menu, users can scroll through all saved passwords.

But Google has added an option to copy passwords to the clipboard. Although Google has not yet announced a support plan for the macOS platform, it is at least available on the Windows platform.

The change is known to add the Copy Password menu option to Chrome’s “Password Settings” and add related strings.

Chrome saves password copy to Windows 10 clipboard

Chrome engineer Viktor Semeniuk points out that the actual password copying capabilities will be implemented in the future. Once submitted, you will be able to copy your password to the clipboard without knowing what is displayed on the Android platform.

In addition, Google plans to introduce password checking tools to Chrome. It scans passwords to see if there is a security vulnerability that could compromise passwords.

Initially, password checking will be available as a browser extension. Now, the company decided to integrate it directly into the Chrome browser.

The password checker is currently available in the Canary version of Chrome 82 and can be enabled by opening the Bulk Password Check option in the flag menu.