Microsoft is developing voice control for Windows 10X

Microsoft is continuing efforts to develop a new operating system, Windows 10X, which will be used for mobile and collapsible devices,media reported. In response, the company is developing a new project as an assistive technology to implement “voice control” functions. It is reported that Windows 10X will provide different features for dual-screen or collapsible devices in terms of versatility and accessibility.

Microsoft is developing voice control for Windows 10X

Microsoft is trying to expand Windows 10X beyond standard laptops and mobile devices with a new feature called Voice Control.

In a recruitment message posted by LinkedIn, Microsoft learned that the company hopes to find a software engineer for Windows 10X to develop voice control capabilities for the system, and that at least three years of experience in programming in C is given priority.

“Because this is a new application, the challenges of programming are high: taking advantage of concept services for voice control and control, identifying interesting components of application content, interacting with the entire desktop

Interact with the 10X operating system in new ways within a secure and complete range,” Microsoft explains.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not reveal further details, and perhaps Microsoft will improve the digital assistant experience in Windows 10X with its new voice control software. Microsoft, meanwhile, is looking for engineers for Windows 10’s IoT.