Bieber’s new album, “Changes,” is accused of copying Splice or becoming the biggest winner

Justin Bieber’s new album, Changes, has come under fire for plagiarism in less than 24 hours. Singer Asher Monroe points out that Bieber’s melodies in “Running Over” are very similar to “Synergy” released in 2019. However, after going back to the roots, we found that things weren’t that complicated — because the same royalty-free samples from Laxcity were available through the online music market

(Image via TheVerge)

As an online marketplace, allows music producers to purchase royalty-free samples in it and use them in their songs to mitigate licensing and copyright risk.

Justin Bieber – Running Over – feat. Lil Dicky (via)

The company has partnered with a number of well-known vendors, including Andres and Mauricio, the duo behind the song Despacito.

Last year, Steve Martocci, Splice’s chief executive, said in an interview withmedia outlet The Verge that users listen to more than 60 million samples a week on their website.

Samples used by Bieber and Monroe can be found in resources provided by British musician Laxcity for the Splice website. So even if they use the same melody, no one can plagiarize anyone.

I made the melody – laxcitymusic (via)

Interestingly, laxcity has quietly changed its Twitter signature to “Check out my Splice sample pack for Bieber’s melody” after the oolong incident.