Scientists use remote-controlled submersibles to study deep-sea squid

According to foreign media BGR, much of the Earth is covered by the ocean, and the colorful underwater world may give the impression of being an alien planet. Thanks to scientific expeditions using remote-controlled submersibles, we have seen many strange creatures and phenomena. A new post from the NOAA Office for Marine Exploration and Research shows that one of the agency’s submersibles is searching the ocean floor for interesting sights, but the creatures lurking behind it are particularly interesting, perhaps frightening.


As the robot shines a bright spotlight on the sea bed, the shadow outline of the great squid appears in the back. Squids are obviously very interested in robots.

The team wrote on Facebook: “Check the squid lurking in the deep ocean and dive over the remote-controlled submersible when deep discoverer (D2) explores steep slope features in Windows to The Deep 2019.” Is there a feeling that you are being watched?! “


The photograph was taken by a camera mounted on a separate device, which is attached to a remote-controlled submersible and research vessel. It provides additional lighting and provides scientists with an external view of the submersible. In this case, it discovers the “spy” squid.

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