China’s 5G mobile phone shipments report: vivo occupies half of market, Qualcomm platform is favored

IDC, an internationally renowned market research organization, released the IDC Monthly Tracking Report on China’s Smartphone Market, which reveals the initial opening of China’s 5G mobile phone market. As of September, China’s total shipments of 5G handsets were about 485,000. According to the share analysis, the vivo, which releases two 5G phones a month, came in first with a share of 54.3 per cent, followed by Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi with 29 per cent, 9.5 per cent and 4.6 per cent, while ZTE and China Mobile shipped only 1.5 per cent and 1.1 per cent, respectively.

中国5G手机出货量报告出炉:vivo占据半壁江山 高通方案倍受青睐

By price segment, vivo occupies both $450-$550 and $700-plus in both larger-scale markets, while Huawei and Samsung are more focused on the top 5G flagship market at levels above $700. There are no phones below 3000 yuan.

From the 5G solution, China’s 5G mobile phones are divided into Qualcomm and hisilicon, of which only Huawei adopts the hisilicon scheme, the share of natural 9.5%, 90.1% of the 5G mobile phones on the market are adopted Qualcomm scheme. Qualcomm’s 5G scheme is a huge winner in China’s 5G market as of September.

At present, including Qualcomm, hisilicon, Samsung, MediaTek and other well-known manufacturers, have their own 5G program, but why 90.5% of the current 5G mobile phone are using Qualcomm?

The main reason is that Qualcomm continues to develop new technologies for 5G needs, is currently the only manufacturer that can provide a complete set of 5G solutions such as integrated modems, RF transceivers and RF front ends, and will provide manufacturers with a complete solution for low- and medium-end different 5G products through the 6/7/8 series 5G system. Accelerate the large-scale development of the 5G market.

中国5G手机出货量报告出炉:vivo占据半壁江山 高通方案倍受青睐

At the end of October, China’s three major operators have opened 5G package commercial, monthly tariff of 128 yuan, will first provide 5G services for dozens of large and medium-sized cities, China Mobile Chairman Yang Jie attended the China International Information and Communications Exhibition, said this year will be more than 5G city to provide 5G commercial services, Next year will be in the country’s above-level cities to provide 5G commercial services. With the acceleration of coverage, I believe that 5G tariffs will gradually decline.

In terms of 5G mobile phone prices, China Mobile’s top executives had predicted that by the end of 2020, the price of some 5G handsets could fall to about 1,000 yuan-2000 yuan. Compared with the current move of 3,4000 started 5G mobile phones, the price is undoubtedly a lot of price-friendly. 5G mobile phone price reduction, is the entire 5G program price reduction, such as Qualcomm will launch 6/7 series chip 5G program, compared to the 8-series chip program, the price will be more people-friendly, naturaloverall 5G mobile phone prices also fell.

中国5G手机出货量报告出炉:vivo占据半壁江山 高通方案倍受青睐

In the third quarter, China’s 5G mobile phone market is still small, less than 500,000 units, and with the price of 5G mobile phones and 5G tariffs fell, I believe that the huge potential of China’s 5G market, will be rapid development.

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