New benchmark: Galaxy S20 Ultra gets DisplayMate smartphone A-plus screen rating

After years of gradual upgrades, Samsung has set a new benchmark in the Android device market with its Galaxy S20 series smartphones. At last week’s Unpacked launch, the company unveiled three products in one go, including the 6.2-inch entry-level S20, the 6.7-inch S20 Plus, and the 6.9-inch S20 Ultra flagship. The latest is that DisplayMate has just awarded the Galaxy S20 Ultra the title of “The Best Smartphone Screen To Date.”

New benchmark: Galaxy S20 Ultra gets DisplayMate smartphone A-plus screen rating

(From: Samsung, via BGR)

As is customary, Samsung will equip the flagship model of the year with state-of-the-art screen and display technology. The 6.9-inch S20 Ultra is already a tablet phone, given that Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro already has a 6.5-inch screen.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra also gets started at $1,399 with a premium of flagship configurations and features. The first time after the release of the new product, DisplayMate, as always, quickly, the display effect of the machine carried out a test.

In short, DisplayMate is aware that the 3200-by-1440-resolution S20 Ultra screen has “near-textbook perfect calibration accuracy and performance, visual lying flawless”, and therefore is rated on a .A..

At the same time, the agency noted that the S20 Ultra achieved or exceeded 12 phone display performance records, including color accuracy, full-screen brightness, peak brightness, contrast, and visible resolution.

“Since tracking OLED screens in 2020, Samsung has been working hard to improve screen performance for every generation of devices, and the S20 Ultra has made a particularly important and impressive impression on us,” concludes DisplayMate.