China’s 6G technology research started and how good is it?

On November 3, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Natural Science Foundation of China, organized a 6G technology research and development conference in Beijing. The meeting announced the establishment of the National 6G Technology Research and Development Promotion Working Group and the General Group of Experts, of which, the Promotion Working Group is composed of relevant government departments, the responsibility is to promote the implementation of 6G technology research and development work.

The overall expert group consists of 37 experts from universities, research institutes and enterprises, mainly responsible for the 6G technical research layout recommendations and technical demonstration, for major decision-making advice and recommendations.

The establishment of the 6G Technology Research and Development Promotion Working Group and the General Group of Experts marks the official start of 6G technology research and development in China.

我国6G技术研发工作正式启动 6G到底有多6?

The Ministry of Science and Technology said that the current global 6G technology research is still in the initial stage of exploration, the technical route is not clear, key indicators and application scenarios have not yet a unified definition. In the critical period of national development, we should attach great importance to, coordinate the layout, promote efficiently and open up innovation.

Next, the Ministry of Science and Technology will work with the relevant departments to organize the overall expert group system to develop 6G technology research and development programs, 6G technology pre-research, to explore possible technical direction. Through the system layout of 6G technology research and development, we will practice and solve a series of basic theories, design methods and core technology problems in the field of mobile communication and information security, and strive to make breakthroughs in basic research, core key technologies, standard series, etc., so as to lay a solid scientific and technological foundation for the development of mobile communication industry and the construction of an innovative country.

Huawei, 6G in research and development

5G has not yet been fully rolled out, 6G has been “jumping to try”.

On the morning of September 28, Huawei’s first global flagship store opened in Shenzhen. CCTV financial reporters rushed to the scene to visit, and on hot topics interviewed Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong.

我国6G技术研发工作正式启动 6G到底有多6?

Huawei has said that 5G and 6G development is parallel, but the use of 6G scale is still a long way off. In response, Yu Chengdong said: “6G in research and development, it is estimated that it will take another 10 years, is also doing technical research, standard research, has not yet reached the commercial stage.” “

我国6G技术研发工作正式启动 6G到底有多6?

我国6G技术研发工作正式启动 6G到底有多6?

6G, how good is it?

What exactly is 6G? What stage has 6G-related research progressed? What are the key core technologies of 6G?

“In the 6G era, maybe we can also access the Internet on board without compromising flight safety. Mountaineers can send position altogether and distress signals in real time when climbing is in danger, without delay. When sailing at sea, the ship’s crew does not have to worry about losing contact with the land, 6G can guarantee real-time communication. “This is described by Wu Qixuan, executive vice president of the School of Electronic Information Engineering of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a communications network connected to the air, sky, earth and sea, built by satellites, aviation platforms and ships. The core technology that underpins the network is 6G.

6G network will be committed to creating a ground communications, satellite communications, ocean communications in one of the world of all-connected communications, desert, no man’s land, the ocean and other mobile communications today’s “blind spots” are expected to achieve signal coverage.

“The 6G network will be 100 times faster than 5G and can reach almost 1 TB per second, which means that downloading a movie can be done in less than a second, and the drone will be able to operate with ease, with users not even feeling any delay.” Wu said.

6G brought about by the communication changes, not only reflected in the network speed, the user’s interactive experience will be greatly improved, the unit time information transmission capacity will be greater, transmission delay will become shorter.

Zhu Hongbo, chairman of the communication branch of the China Electronics Society and dean of the School of Internet of Things at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said that in the 1G to 4G era, communication technology is also a consumer application, 5G and later will move towards industrial applications, such as industrial Internet, intelligent transportation and so on.

“Now the academic community on the definition of 6G has different views, 5G is mainly for industry 4.0 to do pre-infrastructure, and the specific application direction of 6G is still in the exploration stage. Zhu Hongbo said that some experts believe that in the future 6G will be used in space communications, intelligent interaction, tactile Internet, emotional and tactile communication, multi-sensory mixed reality, machine-to-machine coordination, fully automatic transportation and other scenarios.

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