Bill Gates to buy Porsche Musk: It’s hard to talk to him

18 (Xinhua) — Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates praised Tesla in an interview with a YouTube technology commentator last week, calling the company a leader in electric vehicles. If he expects a friendly response from Tesla founder Elon Musk, he clearly shouldn’t talk about the challenges ahead, nor should he talk about the new Porsche electric car, not Tesla.

Bill Gates to buy Porsche Musk: It's hard to talk to him

In an interview last week, Gates talked about the challenge of reducing emissions to mitigate climate change. He called the passenger car industry one of the “most promising” sectors to act on.

“If you have to name a company that’s driving the transformation of the auto industry, it’s Tesla,” Gates said. “

One Tesla fan posted that he was disappointed by Gates’ decision to buy a Porsche Taycan instead of Tesla and his comments about the company’s anxiety about electric vehicle mileage. Musk replied: “Honestly, my conversation with Gates has always been unintentional. “

This isn’t the first time Musk has made no secret of his disdain for other billionaires on Twitter. In 2017, he questioned Facebook founder Zuckerberg’s understanding of the risks of artificial intelligence. Last year, he called Amazon founder Bezos a copycat, saying the latter’s plan to put satellites into orbit to form the space Internet copied his ideas.