NASA unveils night light cloud ‘beautiful light’: Like a postcard from the edge of the universe

NASA released photos of the night cloud taken by the International Space Station on social media on Wednesday, according tomedia, saying in the accompanying text that it looks like a “postcard from the edge of the universe.”

NASA unveils night light cloud 'beautiful light': Like a postcard from the edge of the universe

On February 17, local time, NASA posted a photo of the “night cloud” on social media. Photo: NASA

It is reported that the night light cloud, also known as the polar mid-gas cloud, refers to a glowing and transparent wave-shaped cloud that appears at high altitudes in the Earth’s high latitudes during the deep twilight, reaching an altitude of up to 80 kilometers above the Earth’s surface and the highest position in the Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA said the image was taken on the International Space Station, 269 miles from the South Pacific, and explained that the cloud could only be seen when the sun fell on the Earth’s horizon and lit up the clouds.

It is reported that when this cloud is seen from space, it is called the night-shining clouds; Night clouds are generally colorless or light blue, with occasional red, green and blue appearances.