Dry weather on New Zealand’s North Island, thousands of mussels ‘baked’ to death

Thousands of mussels have been “roasted” to death on beaches on New Zealand’s North Island, according tomedia, and experts say more will die as the impact of the climate crisis intensifies. Andrew Jeffs, a marine scientist at the University of Auckland, said the mass death of mussels on the North Island was caused by “an unusually warm period of weather” and low tides.

Dry weather on New Zealand's North Island, thousands of mussels 'baked' to death

Mussel Data Map

He says more marine life will soon be affected by climate change, and there is little to protect vulnerable shellfish, except for unrealistic artificial protections such as covered shrouds.

Dry weather on New Zealand's North Island, thousands of mussels 'baked' to death

Data map of mussel farms

New Zealand’s North Island is experiencing drought, with many areas without rain for more than 40 days. The effects of the drought were so severe that wingless birds died while searching for water.

Jeffs says hundreds of mussels are “cooked” by the sun during the most intense sunshine of the day.

Scientists have been observing mussels “suffering” in changing weather conditions for a decade, and the environment is becoming more tense and destructive for them. “I think we’re going to see changes in the entire marine community, ” Jeffs said. ” “

New Zealand’s Department of Primary Industry said it was investigating the mass death and urged people not to collect or eat the affected mussels.

Jeffs says mussels are ecologically important to New Zealand’s coastal environment, but are likely to disappear from the reef as conditions worsen, especially in the summer.