We woke up when we were needed, official celebration of the 7th anniversary of Halo 4

Halo 4 was officially released on November 6, 2012, coinciding with the seventh anniversary of the launch of this classic shooting game. Halo’s official Twitter post also sent congratulations, along with a classic bridge segment of Kotana’s wake-up call. “Seven years ago, we woke up when we were needed. Happy Birthday, Halo 4! ”

我们在被需要时苏醒 官方庆祝《光环4》发售7周年

Kotana wakes the sergeant:

“Halo 4”, produced by Studio 343, was released by Microsoft in 2012 and landed on Xbox 360, followed by the Xbox One version in 2014, whose separation rate is also improved compared with the original version.

我们在被需要时苏醒 官方庆祝《光环4》发售7周年

On December 11, 2552, the sergeant and Kotana began more than four years of space rafting in the back half of the dawn frigate, which had been disconnected in half of the leaping space.

我们在被需要时苏醒 官方庆祝《光环4》发售7周年

While the sergeant was dormant, Kotana rewrote the ligament program of the ThunderBolt-6 armor, and the ability to upgrade the combat interface, armor, and change the appearance. After seven years of “smart” artificial intelligence, she began to become crazy, and her madness would run through the story.

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