Marvel’s new play ,”Wonder Woman” Begins: 26-34 Years Old Race

According tomedia Illuminerdi, Marvel has already started to cast a screenplay for one of Disney’s three new Disney-plus plays, “Wonder Woman,” with Emmy-winning Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) writing a screenplay. Illuminerdi has been asked to release the script, which is not yet complete, and they plan to open filming in Atlanta in August, until March 2021.

Marvel said he wanted a 26-34-year-old actress to play Herodo, Jennifer Walters. The setting of the woman Hulk is basically the same as the comics, Jennifer is a lawyer, after being shot and wounded by her cousin, The Hulk,Dr. Bruce Banner blood transfusion, her DNA has a mutation, become female Hulk, acquired superpowers. It was also confirmed that she would be a future member of The Avengers!

But it is not yet clear whether the Hulk, played by Uncle Mark, will appear.