Microsoft withdraws incompatible KB4524244 patch Kaspersky says not to back pot

Microsoft recently withdrew the relevant Windows 10 security update after it was discovered that an installation failure might have been compromised or that some features might have been compromised. The update, which is available on the Windows 10 system platform as KB4524244, addresses a security vulnerability found in the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, which was publicly disclosed in April 2019.

Microsoft withdraws incompatible KB4524244 patch Kaspersky says not to back pot

(Image via Softpedia)

Kaspersky is understood to have fixed the vulnerability in August 2019, but Microsoft has implemented other remedies, taking into account the users who ran the older version of the software.

In February 2020, Microsoft updated a dedicated database that had undone UEFI signatures to prevent the impact of older Kapsersky Rescue Disk tools on secure boot functionality.

Embarrassingly, the enthusiasm raised questions, and Kaspersky went through a thorough investigation into the failure of his own software.

Therefore, any compatibility errors that result from installing KB4524244 on Windows 10 still require Microsoft to coordinate itself. Kaspersky said:

Microsoft has not yet contacted us about the issue caused by the update, but after a detailed internal analysis, our experts have come to the conclusion that Kaspersky products are not the cause of this problem.

On the other hand, if the update is installed correctly and no problems are encountered, there is no need for Kaspersky to do anything.

The company added: “You don’t need to delete updates, you can use the operating system as usual because it is not susceptible to these issues.”

If your system is protected by Secure Boot, the issue will prevent the boot program from working, be sure to use the latest version of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk tool.

Finally, microsoft said it would not re-release the KB4524244 update, although it was fixing the discovered error.