Bill Gates admits to having connections with Epstein and says he ‘made a mistake’

According to foreign media reports, on November 6, local time, Bill Gates, the founder and billionaire of Microsoft, said he did have contacts with Epstein, who was involved in sexual assault cases, but the purpose was for his own charity.

比尔·盖茨承认与爱泼斯坦有来往 称自己“犯了错”

In August 2019, Epstein, a U.S. sex-crime-related financial tycoon, sparked global attention for his bizarre death in prison. Epstein is also reported to have had an affair with a number of celebrities in the American political and business world, and Bill Gates is one of them.

In response, Bill Gates said he met Epstein for charity. Mr Gates said he chose to meet with Mr Epstein in the hope that he would fund his global health cause, but “the money didn’t come out, and I got him some benefit from it, so I made a double mistake.” “

比尔·盖茨承认与爱泼斯坦有来往 称自己“犯了错”

Infographic: Epstein

Mr Gates said he had taken some precautions about the source of the donation, but it was difficult to be sure that the money was all “clean”.

“I don’t feel good. At some point we may accept someone’s donation and find that their wealth is a notorious asset,” Gates adds, “but if you really want to go out and get more people into charity, then you’re going to offend the risk of getting it wrong.” “

Epstein is understood to be an American billionaire. On July 6, 2019, he was arrested in New Jersey, where FBI agents found a large number of obscene photos at his home in Manhattan, New York. Federal prosecutors in New York later charged him with sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in underage women, but Epstein pleaded not guilty. Epstein died in prison on August 10th, sparking speculation.

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