Gates on the U.S. government and Huawei: Any idea that should take blocking action is unrealistic

At today’s New York Times event, Bill Gates talked about the U.S. government’s listing of Huawei entities. He believed that both sides should make use of their own innovation to make the two countries fully dependent on each other, rather than crazily believing that the goods and technologies from each other are bad. Here is the dialogue:


Bill Gates: Any idea that we should take blocking action is unrealistic and bad. Like all goods and services, Huawei should be subjected to objective testing. Has Huawei’s equipment been used for eavesdropping? To think that everything from China wants to enter the United States is bad, or that everything from the United States, such as airplane engines, software, etc., is bad, and these ideas are crazy right now.

We should use our own innovations to make the two countries fully dependent on each other so that the possibility of war between the two countries can be kept to a minimum. We should take advantage of their innovation in climate change, in medicine, just as they should take advantage of our innovation.

I think we should do things according to an objective standard. When we were asked if Windows products contained anything related to the National Security Agency (NSA), we handed over the source code of Windows to the government. Then they can look at the source code and compare it with our shipment. We have established openness to satisfy them enough. Huawei can do the same, but you know, if you want to…

Moderator: The U.S. government doesn’t think so right now, I mean this administration.

Bill Gates: Anyone with a technical background would think so. How do you get China to buy aircraft engines? There’s all kinds of software in the plane engine, and you can send a strange command to stop the engine. Do you want them to buy our high-tech products? What about Chinese employees, if you’re so skeptical, what do you think of the code he wrote if a programmer’s grandmother was Chinese? Or if the programmer’s great-grandmother is Chinese, Oh, my God, think about it. Is there any software in the world that you can trust? You should use objective measures, other countries also have programmers to write software, this is true!

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