Samsung Galaxy Z Flip “Trump”: Folding screen phone goes slower

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Samsung has unveiled its second folding phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, for almost half the price of the previous Galaxy Hand, but still close to the million-dollar mark. And just when the industry is excited about this and give high hopes, did not expect, and its predecessor, and “turned over”.

So the question is, as the global smartphone market “one brother” Samsung in the folding screen mobile phone repeatedly “turnover”? What is the reason behind it?

Galaxy Fold front car’s forensics repeatedly delayed still have short boards

Referring to Samsung’s folding-screen phone, which began developing the folding phone Galaxy X as early as 2011, it filed a number of patents, but the prototype was delayed until the 2018 SDC 2018 (Samsung 2018 Developer Conference) when it debuted a foldable phone prototype demo. A flexible rollable screen called Infinity Flex.

In response, DJ Koh, then president of Samsung’s mobile communications division, said: ‘We are ready for commercialization and have overcome all kinds of difficulties to do so.

Now that Ready is commercially available, on February 20, Samsung took over the lead from Huawei and officially unveiled its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, in San Francisco, usa, for $1,980 (about 13,000 yuan), more than what it called the “most expensive iPhone in history” at the time. Top version of the iPhone XS MAX.

However, in the week before the initial launch date (April 21 last year), The Galaxy Fold had a problem. A number ofmedia, including CNBC, Bloomberg, access to a number of test machines, there are various failures, involving screen flickering, screen rupture, hinge semensure and so on. To this end, Samsung promptly delayed sales, re-launched to improve, and eventually re-sale.

But with that, after the official sale, many galaxy Fold users still reported that the Galaxy Fold, although redesigned and adjusted by Samsung, still has quality problems, such as very serious folds, folding screen in the middle there is a good chance of color spots.

And a report by iFixit, a third-party dismantling agency, also showed that the modified version of the Galaxy Fold was still very fragile (Samsung had a usage warning on its new screen: no effort, no water and dust, no film, etc.). Samsung has tried to cover as many exposed spots as possible to prevent dust and debris from entering the phone, and the opening holes in the plastic bezel have been sealed with a protective cover, but there are still gaps in the back of the phone that provide an inlet for dust and debris. In addition, although the hinges have been carefully designed, it remains to be seen how well they will perform in the user’s practical application.

Referring to the hinges involved in the iFixit, Samsung officially says the Galaxy Fold folds 200,000 times and is expected to last five years. But tests conducted by themedia CNET showed that the Galaxy Fold had already been damaged by the time it collapsed 119,380 times, as evidenced by the loss of the original damping feel on the hinges and, most importantly, half of the screens that had stopped working. This means that the value of the phone as a folding screen is nothing. As a result,media believe that the Galaxy Fold, even the modified version, is still only a semi-finished product.

But this is such a semi-finished product, Samsung actually went on sale. But the statement of sales is vague and highly suspicious.

First, in December, Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn revealed at an event in Berlin that galaxy Fold sales had reached 1m units.

But by the beginning of the year, Dj Koh, Samsung’s co-chief executive, had expected to sell between 400,000 and 500,000 Galaxy Folds, explaining that Young Sohn may have mistaken target sales with real sales. This explanation is really silent.

In fact, regardless of sales and how it toss, Galaxy Fold was eventually named one of the most failed technologies of 2019 by the MIT Technology Review.

Galaxy Z Flip rear car still covered in technology is more responsible

Take a step back and say that if the market and users for the first generation of folding screen phone problems still have a certain degree of tolerance, then the manufacturer’s next release of related products need to be cautious and careful, at least to avoid the problems of the previous generation of products, or to ensure that smartphone users use the non-folding phone experience. But that is not the case.

The Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s second-generation fold-screen phone, has turned out to be a hit with the previous Galaxy Fold.

First of all, jerry Rig Everything, known for its violence tests, was not tested, and it was violent, but scratching it was just to scratch its surface and the screen would be thermally deformed.

Twitter user @Quinn Nelson also tweeted that there was a problem with the Galaxy Z Flip screen, and in the video he showed, the bottom border of the Galaxy Z Flip in his hand creaked.

More worryingly, the Galaxy Z Flip suffered a folding screen damage to the first two users to buy the Galaxy Z Flip after the launch, thanks to Samsung’s rapid lying sales strategy.

In fact, the Galaxy Z Flip was tested bymedia before, and the result was that simply scraping the samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s home screen with a nail cap had scratched its surface and the screen would be thermally deformed, indicating that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s UTG glass still contains plastic, so indescognito may be a problem that will be prominent in the future.

It’s important to note that in order to improve the durability of the flexible screen, Samsung claims to have improved its hinges, and the outer layer of the screen has been replaced with ultra-thin flexible glass (UTG) from polymer plastic, which is at least less resistant to scraping, makes the device look more eye-catching and can withstand 200,000 flip-flops.

But judging by the current tests from third parties, the official publicity for Samsung may just look beautiful. What’s the problem?

The launch of the Galaxy Z Flip comes as the Korea Herald, citing insiders, said Samsung still hopes to ship 2.5 million Galaxy Z Flips by 2020, despite the fact that galaxy Fold did not sell 1 million copies last year.

It seems that Samsung is not satisfied with the previously modified generation of folding-screen phones sales, so the second generation Galaxy Z Flip set a higher sales target. Don’t assume that 2.5 million units are negligible in Samsung’s overall smartphone, which is five times the size of the previous Galaxy Fold (in Samsung’s last modified 500,000 units).

Also from South Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest smartphone maker last year, has had a hard time, hitting apple and Huawei with both profit and shipment growth.

That is true, as of the third quarter of last year, Apple continued to dominate the global mobile device market, earning 66 per cent of the industry’s profits and 32 per cent of mobile phone revenue, according to Counterpoint. Samsung Electronics came in second, but accounted for just 17 per cent of the industry’s profits, less than 10 per cent higher than at the end of 2018.

Specifically, samsung’s it/mobile division, which is part of the smartphone, also accounted for the company’s profit, up from 58% in 2014, to about 33% last year and the lowest since 2017.

On shipments, Samsung remains the world’s no.1 smartphone shipment, but it rose just 2 percent, well below Huawei’s 17 percent growth, according to Canalys data, which was achieved last year by considerable resistance in overseas markets.

When we look at the dilemma of Samsung’s smartphones, it’s not hard to see why Samsung is so eager to make a substantial breakthrough on folding-screen phones.

This is a business is not justified, but must be to ensure that the basic use of smartphone users and experience does not decline under the premise, if the need in the manufacturer’s various rules and conditions of use to achieve the basic functions of the previous non-folding screen smartphone, or even to avoid physical damage, such an innovative value? Smartphones, after all, are consumer electronics, not petite luxuries.

Especially for Samsung, in the first generation of Galaxy Fold appear and delay the problem, in today’s second generation Galaxy Z Flip will still appear, in addition to technical reasons, whether should also be in the market and user responsibility to reflect, after all, Samsung has occurred before the Note 7 excessive pursuit of so-called innovation Not only to the market and users caused considerable losses, their own loss of events.

Folding screen mobile phone please slow lybebedo don’t forget the soul of science and technology people-oriented

It is true that a new technology from birth to maturity does require a process of trial and error, but the cost of such trial stoushei should not be paid for by the user. Specific to the folding screen mobile phone, it is more need to strive for excellence. What’s the reason?

According to a survey of U.S. consumers’ interest in folding smartphones conducted by Patently Apple in late July and early August last year, only 3 percent had a strong desire to buy the Samsung folding phone Galaxy Fold when asked if they would be interested, while another 85 percent had no interest. And when the option of removing Samsung’s folding phones increased, consumer interest in buying increased, but only 4% of people were interested, and the percentage of uninterested was still as high as 76%.

According to a Counterpoint survey, more than 70 percent of users who are indifferent to a folding-screen phone change their opinion after a day or two of use.

Combined with these surveys, it is not difficult to see that in the user’s mind is a very low awareness of the folding screen mobile phone, it is not easy for users to have access to it, and the first contact experience is very important.

So the question arises, if they first touch the experience is not even the current non-folding-screen smartphone experience is not as good, the price is high on the folding-screen mobile phone, will be this product, manufacturers themselves and the development of the industry?

Here we might as well take a look at the apple. Apple has never been the goal of innovation based on the so-called new standard, but rather a technical solidity, that is, the user’s experience in the existing product form and hardware to the extreme. Some here may question apple’s innovation as “pseudo-innovation”, but the market and users are always the most objective and authentic test.

Apple’s iPhone accounted for nine of the top20 models in the world’s smartphone sales per model last year, according to a comprehensive analysis of flash information. One of the earliest models was the iPhone 7 three years ago. Almost all of the high-end smartphones of The View Are Available last year are new models.

I wonder what the industry thinks about this? We believe that true innovation should be based first and foremost on the user experience, not just fast and new.

To sum up, as a user, we are like manufacturers, the same look forward to folding mobile phone technology development, and hope to have a qualified foldable mobile phone in the next few years. But some manufacturers for their own interests, the behavior of seedling, not only forget that technology should be people-oriented innovation soul, will certainly undermine the prospects of the foldable mobile phone industry, more importantly, let users lose confidence in the future of folding mobile phones.