Google Chrome will soon let users save passwords they don’t want to sync locally

Google Chrome already allows users to sync passwords when they sign in with a Google Account, but in future updates, browsers will provide additional control to allow users to choose more specificly the passwords they want to store in their Google Account. In other words, users will be able to choose passwords that should not leave their devices, and the Google team has tried several ways to do so.

This includes icons that represent local passwords and account passwords to identify where the passwords are stored (on this device or in a Googl account). Beta users found that the badge was displayed only if the EnablePasswordsAccountStore feature (i.e. chrome:flags/#passwords) was enabled and the user had selected the account where the password was stored. Further information indicates that Google Chrome will allow users to choose where to save each password, and a dedicated icon displayed next to each password will help determine whether they are saved on the device or in the Google Cloud. It’s unclear when Google will officially launch the feature in Chrome, but a beta version of Chrome Canary, built into the feature, should be available to testers later this year. In addition, once the feature enters Google Chrome, it should also be added to other Chrome-driven browsers, including Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has updated its browser to run on Chrome, and the app is now available on Windows and macOS, and the Linux version is in the works.

Google Chrome will soon let users save passwords they don't want to sync locally