Apple Music upgrades album tracks by showing ‘other versions’

Apple has started rolling out “other versions” for Apple Music, offering subscribers to the music streaming service the option to listen to songs in a deluxe version of an alternative version or artist’s album, according tomedia outlet Apple Insider.

Apple Music upgrades album tracks by showing 'other versions'

Apple Music’s update was released Tuesday, adding an extra section to the album view below the album’s playlist and above the “More Authors” section. The area titled “Other Versions” gives you the opportunity to listen to different versions of the selected album, which may typically include or exclude specific tracks from the artist.

Apple Music upgrades album tracks by showing 'other versions'

A common alternative version of an album is a “luxury” version, which usually adds more tracks or remixes to the playlist. Viewing the deluxe version will provide the same new section, but will show the original album release. Alternative versions can also include explicit and censored versions, alternative artwork, and anniversary releases.

MacStories first reported the feature, but it’s still spreadthrough throughout the service, and not all users see the extra option. The feature was originally offered on the Beats streaming service, which Apple bought in 2014 for $3 billion. While Beats Music was transformed into Apple Music, the convenient recording organization feature was canceled in the conversion and only surfaced after years.