Abandoned ‘ghost ship’ without crew stranded off Irish coast

According tomedia BGR, we usually see “ghost ships” in horror movies and video games, but sometimes the real “ghost ship” can be washed ashore. This is what happened in the Irish village of Ballycotton, where a 250-foot-long cargo ship, the MV Alta, slammed into the rocky shore after more than a year of drifting at sea.

Abandoned 'ghost ship' without crew stranded off Irish coast

The completely abandoned ship ran aground on the shore, creating a strange sight. But what kind of bumpy fate did a ship like this suffer? According to the Guardian, the ship encountered problems for the first time at the end of 2018. The vessel was abandoned and its crew was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard due to a malfunction and inability to move forward. The owner planned to tow it to the port for repairs, but was actually hijacked en route.

The ship disappeared for several months until the Royal Navy rediscovered it in mid-2019. Since its last discovery, the ship is believed to have drifted from Africa around Spain and is now found moored off the coast of Ireland. Now, local officials in Ireland will decide what to do with the ship while preventing any environmental damage.

In a statement, Cork County Council said: “The County Of Cork Council, which is responsible for the risk of onshore oil contamination, is continuing to monitor any possible oil spills or cargo risks associated with this vessel. The council was informed that the ship was most likely to use diesel fuel and that the risk of contamination was less than heavy oil. The exact level of risk cannot be determined at this time. The ship will be inspected during the day and from the point of view at the landing site for further access. “

Abandoned 'ghost ship' without crew stranded off Irish coast