Boeing software repair docs are not eligible : 737MAX end-of-year re-flight is still to be determined

Boeing confirmed Saturday that U.S. and European regulators have asked them to revise documents that have been submitted to fix the 737 MAX software. The news means Boeing’s efforts to return to the aircraft by the end of the year have become more uncertain.

波音软件修复文件被指不合格 737MAX年底复飞仍待定

The document submitted by Boeing, which covers key parts of the aircraft, has been delayed by several months, but the document after it was submitted is said to still be in trouble, Reuters reported. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Air Safety Administration (EASA) reviewed the documents at the Rockwell Collins plant in Iowa over the weekend and pointed out a number of issues, the sources said.

“We still have some work to do,” EASA executive director Patrick Ky told Reuters on Friday. Boeing and regulators will return to Iowa to complete the audit, officials said, without giving a date. Boeing spokesman John Drew 6 also confirmed the news, he said: “The submitted documents are part of the software verification process, the current regulatory requirements in another form of communication, the document is also being modified.” “

An official with knowledge of the matter told Reuters that the document was flawed and did not meet the standards, meaning regulators could not properly complete the audit, which was a key factor affecting the 737MAX’s re-entry. “It could take weeks to modify the document, although Boeing thinks it can fix the vulnerability in a few days. “

In the past year, Boeing has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion by two crashes. In October 2018, a Boeing 737MAX crashed in Indonesia, killing 189 passengers and crew, and in March this year, the Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed, killing 157 people on board. After the two air crashes, the world’s multinational airlines for the first time completely grounded this aircraft.

Indonesian investigators released a final report on October 25 this year, pointing out that the aircraft’s design flaws were one of the causes of the accident. Mr. Millenberg’s high pay was heavily criticised after a congressional hearing on Boeing’s CEO pay. “I’m responsible for both incidents,” he said at the hearing. “

The FAA has previously said the 737MAX model will return to flight by December, but did not provide an exact date. American Airlines Group CEO Parker said Saturday that they had planned to resume flights of 737 MAX in mid-January 2020, but still have to wait for FAA approval. As things stand, it remains to be seen whether the Boeing 737MAX will be able to return to flight by the end of the year.

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