Vivo Samsung Co-Development Exynos 980 Debut: Integrated 5G/First Cortex A77 Architecture

On November 7th, Vivo teamed up with Samsung to hold a media conference on dual-mode 5G AI chips in Beijing. One of the main protagonists of this session is the Exynos 980, a dual-mode 5G AI chip developed jointly by Vivo and Samsung, in the following areas:

1, vivo accumulated up to 400 features

2, jointly solve nearly 100 technical problems at the hardware level

3, vivo devoted more than 500 professional research and development engineers

4, joint research and development time of nearly 10 months

vivo三星联合研发 Exynos 980亮相:集成5G/首发Cortex A77架构

Officially, the Exynos platform is ready for the 5G era, a market-proven 5G solution.

vivo三星联合研发 Exynos 980亮相:集成5G/首发Cortex A77架构

Back on the Exynos 980 processor, it integrates a 5G modem that significantly saves the floor area, leaves more room for the design of the body, supports the SA/NSA dual mode, a state-of-the-art aia engine and leading-edge imaging technology.

The chip debuts with the Cortex A77 architecture (also the first mass-produced A77 CPU) and features a flagship GPU Mali-G76 MP5 for strong performance. Both high-performance NPU and DSP are built in for more than 5 TOPS computing power.

vivo三星联合研发 Exynos 980亮相:集成5G/首发Cortex A77架构

What’s more, the Exynos 980 processor has a downlink speed of up to 2.55Gpbs (the downlink speed is based on the Sub-6Ghz band) and a 4G-5G dual-connection download speed of up to 3.55Gbps.

vivo三星联合研发 Exynos 980亮相:集成5G/首发Cortex A77架构

In addition, the Exynos 980 supports 100 million pixels (108MP) and up to five cameras. Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 are supported.

Vivo will choose to develop with the industry’s best chip companies to advance hardware and software development and push key technologies forward by 3-4 years, said Vivo.

Finally, there is a terminal of concern, vivo said the Exynos 980 mobile phone will be launched by the end of the year, it is worth looking forward to.

vivo三星联合研发 Exynos 980亮相:集成5G/首发Cortex A77架构

vivo三星联合研发 Exynos 980亮相:集成5G/首发Cortex A77架构

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