New Windows 10 Calendar app: Simpler Design spevenization options

Microsoft has recently given windows 10 calendar apps a new look and invited Windows Insider users to test them by switching the “Try the Preview” button at the top of the app,media on OnMSFT reported. The improved new calendar application in Windows 10 is different from the previous one, and is simpler, easier to use, and more efficient. Over the past week, the editor of onMSFT, amedia, has spent some time getting started.

New Windows 10 Calendar app: Simpler Design spevenization options

Choose your theme

When selecting the Calendar beta, the first thing users will encounter is that they can switch between topics. In the beta version of the Calendar app, selecting a preset theme changes the image that users see in the calendar background. Users will get the default image with some mountains, but there are many other mountains to choose from. There are a total of 34 images whose location is very different from before. The user-selected image now appears in the upper-left corner of the screen and in the background, with an effect inspired by Fluent Design. If you want, you can even choose to switch to a dark theme.

New Windows 10 Calendar app: Simpler Design spevenization options

Simple user interface

Another thing users will notice in the new Calendar beta is a cleaner user interface. Sidebars with calendar previews are now more Fluent Design-style, and users can see more background images after them. Microsoft has also introduced a new option in the sidebar for users to add more accounts and click a button to switch between them. Previously, this feature was hidden under the settings menu.

New Windows 10 Calendar app: Simpler Design spevenization options

The top of the calendar app has also changed since the buttons for the “Today,” “Day,” “Week,” “Month” and “Year” views have now disappeared. Instead, Microsoft replaced it with a drop-down menu, leaving more room for users to view images in the background. There’s even a clean “New Things” button above the calendar to help users create meetings faster.

Eventually, the search box disappears, narrowing the top of the application a bit. The search feature has apparently been removed from this earlier beta release. Instead, the user will find a new agenda view that can be summoned from the sidebar on the right side of the application. This agenda view displays some items from the day’s list to the user, including meetings and reminders.

Clean pop-up menu for creating meetings and events

New Windows 10 Calendar app: Simpler Design spevenization options

In this version of the Calendar app, the last aspect to note is the pop-up menu for creating items. Much like the rest of the calendar, Microsoft redesigned it. Now you can add more information by right-clicking on the blanktospace to create items directly from the calendar. The user will be able to select the calendar to use or repeat.

Also, click the More Details link at the bottom of the create event space to no longer open the full-screen view. Instead, the user will now get a smaller pop-up menu and still display the calendar below. It’s more concise than earlier versions of the Calendar application on Windows 10.


It is important to note that this beta version of the Windows 10 Calendar application is still in development. Over time, Microsoft will continue to add more features to it. From a clean look to new personalization options, this is what calendar applications should always have.