New Chrome will be able to select local passwords that you don’t want to sync

The current Google Chrome browser already allows users to sign in and sync their passwords using a Google account. In subsequent updates, however, the browser will provide more rich control options that allow users to select those passwords that they do not want to be synced. In other words, you will have the full right to “leave only certain passwords on the machine.”

New Chrome will be able to select local passwords that you don't want to sync

(Pictured: Google, via Softdia)

The development team has tried a number of approaches to this goal. The first is the badge that can be displayed on the settings screen, which ChromeStory has discovered in recent submissions.

The different badges displayed for local and account passwords help users distinguish where they are stored (on this device, or in Googlec accounts), and the exception can be seen in chrome://settings/passwords.

Further information indicates that Chrome will allow users to choose where to save each password.

Password account storage (chrome://flags/#passwords-account-storage) is enabled, and once the user has selected the account-wide password store, the appropriate badge can be displayed.

It is not clear when the feature will be rolled out to production, but an early beta version of the Canary channel is expected later this year.

After that, other third-party browsers based on the Chromium kernel are expected to follow up quickly, including the new version of Microsoft Edge.