Environmental groups accuse Bezos of hypocrisy: co-operation with fossil fuel industry should be stopped

Environmental groups have repeatedly accused Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos of not doing anything about the climate crisis after promising to invest $10 billion to combat global warming,media reported. Not to mention, his online empire contributes millions of tons of carbon emissions. Some environmental groups also see Bezos as a hypocrite because of his work with oil and gas companies and for allegedly threatening employees involved in climate events.

Environmental groups accuse Bezos of hypocrisy: co-operation with fossil fuel industry should be stopped

In a statement, Greenpeace’s Elizabeth Jardim said they welcomed the creation of the Bezos Earth Fund, but “claimed that climate change is the greatest danger to the planet.” It’s hypocritical to be hypocritical that the company’s computing technology is helping the fossil fuel industry to optimize and improve. “

Greenpeace says Amazon cannot support the world’s biggest polluter while branding itself a climate defender.

In addition, a group of anonymous employees also attacked Amazon in a statement. They claim they have been threatened by the company for revealing the company’s relationship with the oil industry: “Why is Amazon threatening to fire employees who sound the alarm and expose the company’s role in the climate crisis and the oil and gas business?” “

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice said that while the organisation welcomed Bezos’s charity, it was not advisable to “give it back with one hand”.

The resources the company needs to run its massive cloud computing servers, as well as the waste of packaging and environmental costs of providing Prime’s fast delivery service, often put the company at the forefront.

Bezos, who is worth nearly $1,300, previously announced that his Earth Fund would “fund scientists, activists, non-governmental organizations, or any cause that might really help protect the planet.” “

“I want to work with others to spread known methods and explore new ways to address the devastating impact of climate change on our planet,” he said. We can save the planet. This requires the joint efforts of large corporations, small companies, states, international organizations and individuals. “

It comes amid growing calls for Amazon to follow the example of other technology companies to disclose their environmental footprints. Eventually, Bezos agreed to do so last year.

In 2018 alone, Amazon’s carbon emissions exceeded 44 million tons, more than the environmental footprint of some European economies, as well as other technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and online retailer Target.

Amazon then pledged to increase the share of renewable energy to 80 per cent by 2024 and 100 per cent by 2030. The company currently uses 40 per cent of renewable energy. The company will also invest 100,000 electric cars next year and use solar power plants.