New Pandora Apple Watch “standalone” app launch: no iPhone support required

The Apple Watch has released a new version of the Pandora app that no longer needs the help of an iPhone, iPad or any smartphone to run on a watch,media reported. The app is known as a “standalone” app on the Apple Watch, which means Pandora’s claim to be a “mobile” feature has been implemented. The app lets music and podcasts play directly on the Apple Watch.

The only thing that could cause trouble for users should be downloading and logging in. Users can open the App Store on the Apple Watch to find the Pandora app and download it, then sign in to the account. Users can then use their watches to listen to a variety of content from Pandora, but only if they are connected.

And that’s the problem, if a user’s Apple Watch is connected to an iPhone or connected directly to the network via LTE cellular service, there’s no need to worry about the need to connect to the content. If this is another case, consider the generation of offline content.

It is understood that Pandora offline content is only available to Pandora Plus or Premium users. Pandora Plus allows users to play four Pandora stations offline, while Premium users can download songs, albums and playlists offline.

If a user has installed the Pandora app on the Apple Watch and has already installed it a long time ago, it may need to be updated. The new standalone version requires the user to guarantee that the watch is running on the watchOS 6.