Saved another life: Apple Watch calls emergency police after a car crash

The Apple Watch introduced fall detection in last year’s Series 4, which was originally designed for older people. In the event of a fall, the Apple Watch can send out alerts to save lives in a timely manner. A man who was wearing an Apple Watch to help him after a car crash may have saved his life, Surrey Police said. The man allegedly lost consciousness in a car crash and triggered the Apple Watch’s automatic fall detection alert.

又救了一命:Apple Watch在司机遭遇车祸昏迷后紧急报警

Surrey Police later tweeted about the incident and tweeted about cook and Apple. “Last week, we responded to the Apple Watch’s automatic fall detection alert after a driver was knocked unconscious in a car accident,” police said. Alertprovides emergency responders with GPS data to quickly locate the scene. “

So far, the Apple Watch fall detection feature has worked several times, and in June this year, an 87-year-old Maine granny was rescued after a car accident that automatically called emergency responders.

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