You need to know these about Microsoft’s Windows 10X

Windows 10X is a new version of Microsoft’s system for dual-screen or fold-out devices, and should also bring a more user-friendly touch experience. The new version of the system is built on top of existing Windows 10 and includes old components as well as features that benefit today’s users and the ecosystem’s transition to the new system. However, the command-line manager of the new version of the system, as well as the underlying operating system, have been refactored with new technologies. For Windows 10X, here’s what you need to know.

You need to know these about Microsoft's Windows 10XIntel的Horseshoe Bend折叠屏电脑概念机

A new user experience

You need to know these about Microsoft's Windows 10X

For the average user, the system’s changes in interface and manner make the most obvious difference. Windows 10X completely redesigns the system interface with an adaptive design that allows the display interface to be adapted to the shape of the device. For example, a collapsible PC can be used in notebook, tablet, and folded form, while Windows 10X adjusts the display to the unused pattern to provide the best operating experience.

In addition, some old elements, such as control panel, file manager, etc., will be killed or rebuilt in Windows 10X. Microsoft has refactored the entire shell in Windows 10X, so the interactive interface design in the new version of the system will be very uniform without the likeness of Windows 10 today.

Operationally, Windows 10X also brings more gesture manipulation logic.

New Start Menu

You need to know these about Microsoft's Windows 10X

Microsoft is redesigning the start menu, which is no longer familiar to PC users, to make use of it more efficiently. The new Start menu looks very similar to android’s app drawer, with a search bar at the top that searches for local and online content, apps and website icons that are used below, replacing live tiles, and down to the most recent lyme of documents used by users or recently visited websites. Allows users to resume work before they begin.

For intermediate-displayed apps, users can customize, pin their favorite apps to the list, and support rearrangement. In addition, the new Start menu supports app folders, and apps can be grouped, just like existing start menus.

New taskbar

You need to know these about Microsoft's Windows 10X

Windows 10X also includes a new taskbar, which, as mentioned earlier, allows for changes based on the device’s usage pattern or user’s preferences. On the new taskbar, some shortcuts are centered by default, but can be customized to be set as you do now in Windows 10. In addition, the new version of the taskbar is optimized for touch usage environments.

New Control Center

You need to know these about Microsoft's Windows 10X

In addition to the new start menu and the new taskbar mentioned above, Microsoft has revamped its control center. The new control center looks a bit like Apple’s notification, visually. The new design is to strengthen the operational efficiency of the main, the integration of volume adjustment, fast operation, information notification and so on.

New setup experience

You need to know these about Microsoft's Windows 10X

Because the entire interface of Windows 10X has been redesigned, the settings boot page after power-up has been redesigned to look more modern. To make some people happier should be Cortana’s no longer exist, the new machine after the turn of the sentence “let Xiaona to help you” no longer need to hear.

New Composition Mode (Compose Mode)

You need to know these about Microsoft's Windows 10X

The content above basically does not reflect the dual-screen or folding screen features, you can even say more about the optimization of touch. This composition mode is one of the main functions of a dual-screen or fold-out device. Devices like Surface Neo can automatically enable compositing mode when you place a dedicated physical keyboard on the screen, from touch-first to key rat input-centric. On devices that do not have a dedicated keyboard or trackpad, compost mode fills the virtual keyboard and trackpad with some screen space. Microsoft provides a compose mode button in the Control Center.

In general, apps on Windows 10X are running in full-screen mode and cannot run in current windowed mode. However, in a large-screen device, when you switch to composing mode, the app can run in window mode, just like a normal laptop. But it’s not clear whether this will also occur on devices with small screens.

Support for old win32 applications

This should be a point more people care about, microsoft added a new container to the Windows 10X system to run the old Win32 application. When a win32 app runs on Windows 10X, it is sandboxed, which means that running older software programs in a new operating system will face a series of problems. And while Microsoft has been working hard to ensure that there is no performance difference between old and new apps running, there may be a delay when the old Win32 app is first launched.

When the system does not need to use the old win32 program, there is no need to load the corresponding components, thus extending the battery life of the device and system performance.

Improved Windows Update

The update feature sits with Windows 10X has also evolved, with updates not as long as they were on Windows 10, and installation of feature updates in the background. When a restart is required to complete the upgrade, the restart can be completed in less than 90 seconds. This upgrade is a huge step forward compared to the current Windows 10 delay.

Live Wallpaper

This is a new feature that Microsoft has no official announcement, Windows 10X Live Wallpaper features can display different elements depending on the time. For example, the display of wallpapers for three time periods in the morning and night will show the characteristics of the current point in time, etc.

Only for folding or dual-screen PCs

You need to know these about Microsoft's Windows 10X

Windows 10X will be pre-installed in a dual-screen or fold-out PC, and if there are no surprises, the device will be available for shipment in the second half of this year. Also, the new system does not provide mirror downloads and does not push to existing devices, and Microsoft does not offer a purchase option.