Star Stay four stop darkening Near-term or no supernova explosion

Astronomers estimate that the mysterious red super-giant Betelgeuse could explode sometime in the next 100,000 years,media CNET reported. But according to astronomers who have been watching Sage for a decade, the star may not have a supernova explosion in the near future.

Star Stay four stop darkening Near-term or no supernova explosion

In recent months, the significant drop in brightness has drawn the attention of the scientific community. The explanation for this unprecedented phenomenon in recent decades is that the giant star is collapsing on its own, followed by a dramatic supernova explosion that could make it brighter than the moon at night or even visible during the day.

In the past three centuries, no such amazing supernovahas have emerged on Earth. But there are other possible explanations for the phenomenon of staying in the four. First, it is a variable star, which usually changes periodically, causing its brightness to fluctuate. However, the current drop in luminness is unusually noticeable. It could be a cloud of dust in our sight or a black man on the surface of the four-night hangover.

“The brightness of stars has been almost steady over the last 10 days,” Edward Guinan, an astronomer at Villanova University, told Forbes. “

Mr Guinan said it could be bad news for astronomy enthusiasts. Although he’s not sure what will happen next to the four, he doesn’t think it will explode any time soon. However, the next few weeks will remain crucial in determining the ultimate fate of the star. The stay should now have ended a period of about 14 months, and the steady brightness of the stay indicates that it may be ready to brighten up again.